Our mission is to ensure success.

About Us

Outstanding Professionals

All our teachers are outstanding professionals in their area of expertise all having 6 or more years of direct, practical experience in schools.

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High Standards

We set high standards for students and have high expectations of staff. There are regular assessments; there is parent feedback and monitroing of progress.

Guaranteed Results

Currently all our students have made outstanding progress, shown in their recent school mocks and we look forward to sharing the GCSE results in summer for the year 11 students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure all students get a grade between 7 – 9 this is done by following a unique program that maximises their potential.

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summer science

State of the art science lab to carry out all the practicals required for exams. Register your place by calling us on 01274 214 058 or completing our online form.

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For motivational sessions that will encourage your child to do well both in their academic subjects and give them a life long desire to succeed in their studies.