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We offer tailored tutoring for English, Maths, Science, Physics, GCSEs, SATs, Biology and Chemistry.


Prosper Academy provides professional key stage 3 and GCSE tutoring in English, maths, science and others. Our goal is to provide the correct tools for students to tackle exams and more importantly help them to improve and further encourage them to do well in all subjects.


You can find the modules we cover below. We are here to help you improve on one or multiple modules getting you ready to take your exams.


• Grammar
• Reading
• Spelling
• Comprehension
• Phonemic awareness
• Written expression


• Numbers
• Shape, space & measure
• Handling data
• Multiplication & division
• Algebra
• Exam preparation

Last year

0 %

of our GCSE students made 4 level progress in all 3 core subjects

Did you know?

0 /10

triple science students got a grade 7 or above


• Bonding, structure
• Properties of matter
• Quantitative chemistry
• Chemical changes
• Organic and inorganic
• Exam preparation


All core subjects covered from primary to secondary level.


• Energy, electricity & forces
• Atomic structure and particle model
• Magnetism and Electromagnetism
• Space Physics

Last year

0 %

100% our students have got places to do A levels.


• Cell biology
• Organisation and bioenergetics
• Inheritance, variation and evolution
• Infection and response

"Limit distractions,
not your aspirations."

Azhar Ishfaq

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summer science

State of the art science lab to carry out all the practicals required for exams. Register your place by calling us on 01274 214 058 or completing our online form.

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For motivational sessions that will encourage your child to do well both in their academic subjects and give them a life long desire to succeed in their studies.